Máy Photocopy Xerox ApeosPort II 5010

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ApeosPort-II 3000
ApeosPort-II 4000
ApeosPort-II 5010
Copier Type Console Type
Copy Speed 35ppm 45ppm 55ppm
Memory 512MB
HDD: Standard
Scanning System Flat-bed scanning method by CCD image sensor (Fix Method)
Resolution IIT: 600 x 600 dpi, IOT: 600 x 600 dpi
Maximum Original Paper Size Platen: 297mm x 420mm (A3), 279.4mm x 431.8mm(11″ x 17″),
Non-Standard Size 297mm x431.8mm
DADF: 297mm x 420mm (A3), 279.4mm x 431.8mm(11″ x 17″)
Maximum Paper Size Bypass: 297mm x 431.8mm
Paper Weight Tray 1: 60gsm to 105gsm
Tray 2: 60gsm to 216gsm
Tray 3&4 (2TM & TTM): 60gsm to 216gsm
Bypass: 60gsm to 216gsm
HCF: 56gsm to 216gsm
Warm-up Time 30 seconds or less
FCOT 3.2 seconds or less Conditions: platen copy, power ON, Fuser ready, ROS ready, A4LEF from Tray1, 80gsm premier or business paper
Paper Source Front Loading Trays: Tray 1,2, 2TM and TTM
Tray 1, 2: 500 sheets each (80gsm)
Two Tray Module (Tray 3 & 4): 500 sheets each (80gsm)
Tandem Tray Module: 800 sheets + 1,200 sheets (80gsm)
High Capacity Feeder: 2,000 sheets (80gsm)
Bypass Tray: 95 sheets (80gsm)
Bypass Tray: 100 sheets (64gsm)
Maximum Quantity Selector 999 sheets
Power Source & Maximum Power Consumption Power source: 14 A (110V), 8 A (220V)
Power consumption*
1.50KVA Max (110V), 1.44 KVA Max. (120V), 1.76KVA Max. (220V), 1.92KVA Max. (240V)

*Power consumption is specified assuming full configuration of:
IOT with Bypass Tray +Duplex Kit + Two Tray Module +Finisher + DADF + IIT + Controller with UI

Machine Size & Machine Weight IOT with Bypass Tray +DADF: 640±5(W) x 678±5(D) x 832±5(H) mm
(Bypass Tray is closed, without Side Tray) Two Tray Module: 540±5(W)x520±5(D)x280±5(H)mm, 20Kg
Tandem Tray Module: 540±5 (W)x520±5 (D)x280±5 (H)mm (Foot not included), 34Kg
B Finisher:570±5(W)x585±5(D)x940±5(H)mm, 30Kg
C Finisher: 675(W)x650(D)x1010(H) mm, 50Kg
C Finisher with Booklet Maker: 824mm(W) x 650mm(D) x 1,010mm(H), 81kg
Space requirements 976mm (W) x 678mm (D) (without Finisher)
1,537mm (W) x 678mm (D) (with B Finisher)
1,747mm (W) x 678mm (D) (with C Finisher)
1,805mm (W) x 678mm (D)(with C Finisher with Booklet Maker)
Installation Space 1,340mm (W) x 1,185mm (D) (without Finisher)
2,140mm (W) x 1,185mm (D) (with B Finisher)
2,240mm (W) x 1,185mm (D) (with C Finisher)
2,300mm (W) x 1,185mm (D)(with C Finisher with Booklet Maker)